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Motor Racing Metting

City: Las Vegas
State: Nebraska
Dates: Dec/7 - Dec/8/2017

I organize a mrtting about how bet on motor racing


This Motor Sports betting guide will be dominated by Formula One betting odds which are keenly sought by European sports bettors who bet heavily on their favourite F1 Racing Team throughout the Formula One season.

Formula One Betting is one sports bet that punters can take a futures bet on. The two main Futures Formula 1 sport bets are the Drivers Championship and the Constructors Championship winner.

The Drivers Championship is decided by who accumulates the most points. This is not necessarily translated into, who wins the most races will win the title, although it does generally mean that they will, with the same drivers battling out the finish of the majority of races.

The Constructors Championship is an interesting one to bet on because it takes into account the results of both drivers within the team. Often, the Constructors Championship winner will not provide the Formula One Drivers Championship winner.

Formula One Betting is available not only on every race but also on the outcome of qualifying for each race.

Many online bookmakers will offer a host of Formula One betting options on Grand Prix qualification, the race winner, a podium finish, the top 8 points earners and of course you can bet on who wins pole position.

Motor sports betting isn’t restricted to Formula One sport bets revolving around the World Drivers Championship and World Constructors Championship, online sportsbooks will also offer online motor sports betting on the A1 series, the World Rally Championships and of course NASCAR racing and Indy car racing in the United States.

Motor Sports betting is also available for bike fans with betting markets offered on the MotoGP.

Most online bookmakers will offer Futures Betting on Moto GP races all year round.

You will need to check back ahead of each race on the formula one calendar to get the F1 betting odds on a particular race outcome.

Betting on the formula one races can be a lot of fun with many races resulting in a high casualty rate offering you the opportunity to win should you be able to find a lucky long shot to finish on the podium (top 3 finish).
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