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Charity Ride for Jeff and Judy Floyd

City: Stockbridge
State: Georgia
Dates: Nov/18 - Nov/18/2017
Location: 4401 Hwy155N
Details: On August 12th 2017, Jeff and Judy Floyd were enjoying a motorcycle ride with friends when tragedy struck. They were involved in a horrible motorcycle accident. Due to their injuries, both were air lifted to Atlanta Medical Center where they were admitted into the ICU for treatment. Both suffered from several broken bones, including their back, ribs and hands. They both suffered from a concussion and other serious injuries. Jeff has dedicated his entire life to his community. He is a retired Major with the City of McDonough Police Department. After that, he went to be a Sergeant with the City of Hampton Police Department where he finished his career as a police officer. He is an active member with the Blue Knights Georgia XXI. Jeff and Judy are some of the best people out there and a joy to be around. The start location for the ride will be Stockbridge Community Church located at 4401 Hwy155N Stockbridge, Georgia and end at Bear Creek Park located at 19 Central Avenue Hampton, Georgia. The ride should last around one hour and it will be police escorted. Right now they need our help with their situation. Admission is $25 per rider, $10 for passenger. Hope to see you there!
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