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Spring Flood Run

City: Lakeland
State: Minnesota
Dates: Apr/15 - Apr/15/2017
Location: 157 St. Croix Trail
Details: The 52st Annual. The Spring Flood Run motorcycle ride and after party. Held at The Shiner's Bar and Grill. The Flood Run has been a charity run since the original 12 bikers rode the 90 miles to Winona and threw sandbags helping in the 1965 floods! It still is as we get together with our friends, family, neighbor's, sister's and brother's raising money for the kid's at Gillette Children's Hospital, all we have to do is ride a motorcycle and buy a Benefit Flood Run Wristband for $10.00! Breakfast 8:00 am.  Run leaves bar at 10:30.  Our morning MC is Sam " 205 " Tilly The holder of the fastest speeding ticket in America! Yes he got it on the Flood Run! We have a large Flood Run merchandise booth where you can get your Flood Run Benefit Wristbands, Official run t-shirts, Flood Run pins, run hats. run gloves, run hoodies, run bandana's, our Flood Run Cook Book, Ideal for the starving biker on the go! Drive fast, cook slow! Many of our sponsor hotels have discounted accommodations for Flood Run benefit wristband holders. Check the sponsor page for more details. All types, makes and models welcome. Keep checking this web site for updates.
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