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Motorcycle Safety Awareness by Leather Apparels

City: Middletown
State: New York
Dates: Feb/11 - Dec/26/2017
Location: The Leather Store 1 N Galleria

Middletown Leather (The leather Store) is one the most reputed brand in the Biker world for designing and manufacturing the most comfortable and durable men's and women's fashion motorcycle leather apparel, making us your perfect source for all your leathers, whether you're an MC member in good standing or just a person who likes firing up the Harley for a weekend run. 


You can find amazing collection of leather jackets, vests, gloves, MC denim vests, chaps or and pants, fashion jackets, biker boots, leather travel bags and many other biker accessories. Now going to arrange event for public to aware people about motorcycle safety gears. Hope you guys join us and enjoy this helpful event.  

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